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Between Death And Hope The Life Of Award winning Poet Mark Doty Has Been Marked By Aids, But His Poetry Shines With Survival And Redemption. He Will Read From His Works On Sunday At The Art Museum.

By Julia M. . . . let me go, if I have to,It was a slightly nervous dinner, that meeting between teachers at the private Taft School in Watertown, Conn., and Mark Doty, the award winning poet who Comprar Levitra would be reading to their students the next day. As Doty recalls it, ''They said, 'Do you select special poems for a secondary school audience?' ''

No such luck.

"When the reading started, I could feel especially the boys in the room . . . kind of rippling a bit," Doty says, "so I decided . . . to just take the bull by the horns. So I read them a poem about a drag queen. And I read them a number of AIDS poems."

The response was enthusiastic, astonishingly so. The 120 or so students asked "really great questions" and bought 45 copies of My Alexandria, whose elegaic poems won Doty, 41, both the 1993 Los Angeles Times Book Award and the 1993 National Book Critics Circle Award.

"When you come from a confident place in yourself, and when you present your life honestly and directly and ask for the respect that you deserve, you tend to get it," Doty said over a seafood dinner earlier this month in Harvard Square.

On Sunday, the Testosterone Enanthate Nedir poet, who lives in Provincetown, Mass., and is teaching this fall at Brandeis University, will read at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Both appearances will commemorate tomorrow's Day Without Art, which honors the victims of AIDS.

Doty himself is mourning the AIDS death in January of his partner of 12 years, Wally Roberts, and is writing a prose memoir about that death and his own survival.

But his poems are hardly grim chronicles of disease. He is most apt to deal with AIDS indirectly, through metaphor, in My Alexandria and his forthcoming poetry book Atlantis. Both book titles evoke lost worlds. But rather than rail against cruel fate or an indifferent society, Doty crafts luminescent poems that explore possibilities of redemption and transcendence even in loss.


"These are not poems of the bedside," he says. "I don't think those poems are mine to write; there are other people doing that. What I'm concerned with is much more a sense of how can we live, how can we find meaning, how can we find some sense of grace in the face "Anadrol 50" of this. . . .

"We live in a universe which is incredibly marbled with the beautiful and terrible. You get to experience those things at once, or at least contiguously . . . If I'm going to be true to my experience of the world, which is a beautiful and surprising and extraordinary place, then my poems "Achat Anabolisant Belgique" have "Oxandrolone Powder India" to sing as well as to lament."The son of an Army engineer and a homemaker, Doty moved frequently while growing up, living in Tennessee, Florida, Southern California and Arizona.

His books Turtle, Swan (1987) and Bethlehem in Broad Daylight (1991) describe a distinctly unpoetic middle class existence. "We lived in a tract house, in Tucson,/Arizona, and I never heard anyone say marbled/or Veronese," he reports in "Art Lessons."

There were worse deprivations: Home was "not a terribly safe place," he says now. Doty's Testosterone Cypionate Negative Side Effects mother, who died in 1976, was an alcoholic, and to this day, he and his father remain emotionally distant. Doty has one married older sister, a hostess in a Las Vegas casino restaurant.

Although he dedicated Bethlehem to his parents, Doty "4-chlorodehydromethyltestosterone Ireland" writes in "Art Lessons":. . My family

was a ruined gesture, a building that collapsed,

a few years after the art lessons,

into brutality and incoherence.

I wished myself no one's

son, uncompromised . . .

Doty began writing poems seriously in high school and left without graduating to take poetry workshops at the University of Arizona. At 18, in flight from both his family and his sexuality, he married his girlfriend, a poet and (it turned out) an alcoholic.

"She said, 'Well, all my Taking Oral Steroids On A Plane friends want to know when we're getting married.' And I had never said no to anything in my life, so why should I say no then? I just didn't know how . . . I didn't think I deserved to say no to anything."

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